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We started a journey over a decade ago. A journey that began from a thirst to face challenges and conquer each one of them. A thirst that pushed us to challenge limits and create new benchmarks. This journey is called Aspen.

Aspen Infrastructures Ltd. (formerly known as Synefra Engineering & Construction Ltd.), was founded in 1998 by Suzlon Group Promoters. Company is focused on conceptualization, development, and maintenance of hi-tech industrial infrastructure. We have developed large-sized projects nationally and internationally (China, India, USA, etc.) for Suzlon Group and its ancillaries. We have used our expertise as a preferred project managment and infrastructure services provider to Suzlon, to develop cutting edge industrial parks that are at par with leading global developements. Regardless of our locations, we have consistantly redefined the standards of service delivery to our Industrial Park occupants.

At Aspen, we are conscious of our responsibilities towards natural resources and the impact of our actions on society. Hence, we have
well-planned Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission and are committed to providing sustainable development solutions.


Mr. Tanti is an architect by profession and a crusader for responsive and responsible infrastructure by choice.

For the last 26 years, Mr. Tanti has been commissioning large scale industrial project for wind energy sector globally. A keen learner, he has been in constant touch with his profession and has constantly added to his repertoire of skills with practical innovations and hands on experience.

Having executed over 100 projects globally, Mr. Tanti has spearheaded three hi-tech engineering Special Economic Zones admeasuring over 1200 acres in three different states which are fully operational and performing. The Suzlon One Earth project is the marvel project epitomizing green and sustainability values for Infrastructure and is globally acclaimed. The campus, one of the largest buildings in green and sustainable infrastructure rated LEED Platinum and GRIHA five stars, a trend setting state of the art structure which has set many benchmarks in the infrastructure industry.

Under Mr. Tanti’s leadership, the company has developed and incorporated various initiatives like ‘Sustainability & Responsibility’, ‘New & Relevant technology’ and ‘Business Excellence’ which have become integral in day to day operations. Re-designing boundaries and expanding horizons are Mr. Tanti’s hallmarks, while his driving forces are innovation and technology advancement.

An entrepreneur with a vision, Mr. Tanti, is considered a champion for Green building Initiatives and his projects have always focused and reflected environmentally responsible architecture adhering to values like — energy efficiency, environment conscious, neighborhood enhancement and social responsibility.